Whoody’s Interview

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1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?

Was raised into it by parents.

2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?

Nothing. Just had to participate since my parents are scientologists & I was their child.

3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?

Drugs, not getting along with mother

4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn’t seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?

You are all programmed to be like a spy network. if someone does the slightest thing ‘out ethics’ you must report them. Lots of mental manipulation also.

5. Why did you choose to stay in the Church of Scientology?

I was young and thought it was working. My parents kept telling me how it is the truth. You tend to believe your parents when you are younger.

6. Were you staff or public? If staff, was it at a mission or an org? Were you ever in the Sea Org or OSA? Which unit? If not on staff, did you ever volunteer to ‘help out’?

Briefly on staff after being mentally broken down by the ‘reg’ to the point I believed I had to join or my life would collapse.

7. Why did you leave the Church of Scientology? Was there a “final straw”?

Seeing my sis, who is a hard-core scientologist, disown her whole family in the name of it. She is a brainwashed zombie. My 9 year old nephew died in a house fire cuz she was at ‘org’ 20 hours a day and didn’t give a shit about her kids. Only cared about ‘saving the planet’, very sad. OSA found out my mother was on internet with a group they deem ‘suppressive’ so they declared my mother. they will probably find out me, but I could give a rat’s ass. I’m not a scientologist so they can’t declare me.

8. Do you think the Church of Scientology needs to change some of its practices? If so, what should be changed? How did those practices affect your life?

Has some good to offer, but is ran like the gestapo. Any group who can spy on you and research your every move needs to be shut down. Or they need to have OSA do something useful. Like track down Osama Bin-Laden

9. If the items you listed in the previous question were changed, would you consider rejoining or staying in the Church of Scientology? If so, why?

No. They are too much of a judgemental, bigoted group for me. They have caused too much damage to my family. I blame them for the death of my nephew.

10. Any additional comments you would like to make?

I am angered that I spent so much of my life being led to believe this ‘cult’ is the truth of life.I hope it gets shut down.it is not a religion. It is a business.