Voices in Unison

Welcome to the official page for the Ex-Scientology Kids Voices in Unison project. This project was born as a way to help people who want to tell their Scientology stories, but are nervous about possible reprisal from the Church of Scientology, feel safe speaking up.

We’re proud to say that this was a resounding success! We have received some fascinating stories from a wide range of ex-Scientologists; some grew up in Scientology, some did not. Some were members of the Sea Organization, some were not. Some are recounting stories and experiences from 20-30 years ago, some from the last 2 years. It’s a really amazing collection.

Please join everyone at ESK in applauding these brave individuals for standing up and speaking out. It takes an incredible amount of courage to put your story in writing for the world to see.

If you would like to contact the authors of these stories, please Contact Us, and we will do our best to pass your letter on.

Background Info

In the relatively short time our website has been up, the admins at ESK have received hundreds of letters from ex-Scientologists and ex-Scientology kids who have expressed a desire to tell their story publicly, but have also said they are concerned about the repercussions of coming out alone.

At the same time, we have also received endless emails from non-Scientologists who have said that it was the stories on this site that really opened their eyes, and helped them understand what all the ruckus was about.

ESK decided to launch Voices in Unison as a way to make an even safer environment for people who have never before written publicly about their CoS experience.

Not everyone who has a story can come out and tell it. Some people still have family and friends inside Scientology – family and friends they stand to lose if they speak out. But many can. If there ever was a time, it is now.

Our Hopes

Over the history of the site, something really revolutionary has started to happen – people who have always assumed they would never be able to speak out have ceased being afraid. We know that courage is contagious, and we want to help give others the joy we found in finally shaking off that last little hold the Church of Scientology had over us: silence.

Whether you realize it or not, every new voice and every new story makes a huge, huge impact. For every person that stands up, dozens more start to shake off the fear.

This is not for everyone, and we understand that. Choosing to keep your life to yourself is not an act of cowardice, and we don’t mean to imply that that’s the case. Sometimes, working things out on your own is just as therapeutic as getting it all out there. Sometimes, because of the Disconnection policy, it’s necessary to protect your family. But what we really hope to do is make it OK for people to talk about their past without worrying that they will become targets for slander and defamation.

And whatever has happened in your past, you should know that you are welcome here.

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