Not to get all conspiracy theory on you, but we’ve got it on damn good authority that the following sites are owned and operated by OSA, Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, or other Scientologists who falsely portray themselves as neutral parties. They’re not. They exist to promote Scientology and slander Scientology critics on behalf of the Church. You have been warned.

Religious Freedom Watch – RFW: Perverting the Word ‘Freedom’ Since Basically Forever. While we’d love to go on a huge rant about how many bold-faced lies are on this site, we’re just going to let you do your own research. Hint: Wikipedia is your friend.

Scientology Myths – Another supposedly neutral site. Funny, though, the contact email is “scientologyworks@gmail.com”. I imagine that’ll get changed shortly. Nice try, guys.

Freezone Survivors Association – If you can read between the blindingly awful site design, vaguely accusatory language and petty insults, you’ll notice that someone has put up a page accusing Freezoners of being controlled by psychiatrists.

The New Cult Awareness Network – After Scientology sued them and then bought them in bankruptcy court, CAN became a Scientology mouthpiece organization.