Chris’ Scientology Story

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I am an exscientology kid.

My mom was a single parent and disillusioned with Christianity, as she understood it. She didn’t feel anyone was there to help her, but she persevered over adversity and became a professional and was able to raise all us kids.

We rarely say her with all the overtime she got, but we saw her at least more then we did when she joined Scientology. She meets my stepfather in their field of profession. He was persuasive and charming and in three months time, our lives where turned upside down. I would add more, but I have to be careful of the tell signs that would give me away.

I went from basically fatherless to an over dominating father figure who dictated or at least tried to dictate every aspect of our lives over night. My stepfather emulated LRH very well, and was a very intense letter-of-the-law Scientologist.

I took a few courses and even went to a Scientology school that no longer exists. I had certain disabilities, which the public schools systems had no programs at that time to help, so my mom thought Scientology could help me. Of course my problems were once again put on the back burner for the sake of clearing the world. You’re darn right I was mad. I would wait at that org, which doesn’t exist anymore because the county government kept raiding them, if I’m to understand right from my online studies.

I remember the raids, by the Sheriffs.

I waited to see my mom, I would wait for hours, just to spend a few minutes with her, and they even robbed me of that and said I could only see her if it was an emergency. It was like this all the time everyday. Scientology this and Scientology that, it gets real old.

I hated it most of the time and I was somewhat Christ curious still and I remember from Sunday school, not to worship any other Gods. I took issue in my youth with the fact that LRH was treated and revered like a god, it turned my stomach to see everyone stand up and clap at a picture of LRH on the wall. One time I tried to get in the spirit of it and join after being in this akward position for the hundredth time and I felt sick and got a headache and sat back down. The whole thing made me ill.

This was before I really knew a whole lot of LRH. This was many years ago. I have no lawsuit with Scientology. I did have in my possession the almost hundred thousand dollars worth of courses and auditing receipts when my mother died. I contemplated a lawsuit, but I was tired of the hate I felt and never felt I could prove my case, so I threw it away and decided it was time to forgive, yet I knew I could never forget. I needed to let go, because I’ve wasted too many years being angry over what happened to my mother and I and my family.

My stepfather, after he depleted all the equity in my mother’s house, which almost four times the original value, tried to kill my mother after he successfully disconnected her from her family. My mother was in a state of shock for months after that and she never returned to Scientology since then. I’ve read other stories like this. The men of Scientology sweet talking women out of their savings and leaving them.

Falsifying loan applications to get loans to give to Scientology, with Scientologists in the loan companies encouraging it and helping my stepfather accomplish this end. I could add more to this, but it might give me away. The man who tried to kill my mother may still be alive.

I have a family and I don’t want any harm to come to them. My mother got a disease through tainted blood. Her health was deteriorating rapidly after that. She already had 2 husbands who abandoned her and now this savior of a man who happens to be a Scientologist with all the answers through LRH. Blah. What a cruel trick. All my mother tried to do was help people. This is painful for me. She gave everything for Scientology, everything, and I suspect including her life, through a slow and painful death. According to LRH, it was because she blew the org.

How can one fully recover from something like this, without having trouble forgiving?

This was pre DM [admin note: DM stands for “David Miscavige”] too. I’m not at all surprised by the stories I read on the internet and other medias. I get angry all over again that these jerks get away with these human rights abuses still to this day. They are sinister and are brainwashed from the very beginning that they are the victims and have a right to act this way. They utilize the victim mentality and it is this that fuels the Cult of Scientology.

They find victims of abuse with victim mentalities and say, let’s be victims together and fight the world for making us victims and if you try to get away or you don’t do what we want, then you’re one of them and an SP, and we will defend ourselves against you and the world, because we are the victims of the world. Only to sadly be victimized again and again and used and abused by the very org that claimed it would CLEAR you. I find in my lifetime that Scientology is responsible for most of my supposed engrams in my youth. It is the Cult of Scientology who messed up my spiritual well being, because they showed me just how cruel the world and its people can be.

The Org was just like my sadly pathetic abusive alcoholic father. Yell and rant and rave and then claim to love you and that they only have your best interest at heart and this abuse goes on and on. It was just like going to my dad’s house on the weekends, just to see him beat the crap out of my stepmother.

I couldn’t escape the madness and I lost my faith in God after this, because after all, how could a God allow such horrible things to happen and such lunatic men, gain control over people’s lives. They act more like CIA and FBI in their auditing then clergy of the faith, so who are they kidding?

Do you know what happens to kids who grow up in abusive households? They suffer from PTSD, and Scientology is like growing up and being in an abusive family. The scars still linger, and after years and years of counseling, meds and prayer, I’m relatively sane from all of this, although I almost didn’t make it. I wanted to die, I tried to die, many times.

Now I want to live, and I want others to live.

I want people to know that being in scientology is like loving your captor. Like the abused wife keeps going back to the abusive husband. Like those abused kids that just want daddy to get well and just love them, like they promised.

I want to thank anonymous and their movement, Mark Bunker for staying on this and always having the passion to persevere with this tragic American tale. I want to thank you Jenna and all the other former and ex Scientologist kids for coming out and telling your stories and wanting also to help those that are still in this abusive family and prevent those who might be misled to join it.

I’m very upset with Youtube and Google for empowering this abusive cooperate greedy family, just because you are afraid of lawsuits and they are making money from Scientology. We know who your god is Google / Youtube.

I want to say God Bless you all and keep the faith.

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