Rod Pearson’s Scientology Story

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Thanks for your website. You’ve helped me on my journey out of Scientology.

My journey into the church began when I visited a small org. I was quickly signed up for my first Div 6 course. I found this and other courses very helpful, recommended them to friends, and wanted more.

Since I didn’t have the money for more expensive services, I was invited to join staff. I was promised the Purification Rundown and auditing.

The reg [recruiter] acted surprised when I told him I couldn’t receive the services I joined up for. These had to wait until after many months of “staff training” courses. The cost of each course was written on an invoice which I signed and was told that I would owe the amount in full should I leave before my contract expired. I was very uncomfortable going into debt–many hundreds of dollars–for courses I didn’t choose. But heck, the people were so nice and we were working toward a good cause.

Ability to judge truth and attain spiritual freedom are good causes. Who wouldn’t work toward these aims for oneself and others? We toiled away. The org did not flourish and I felt guilty. Sometimes I would take calls from a higher org. The pressure to perform financial miracles was always part of their conversations. If we were only more certain, we were told, we could attain the demands being handed down.

I began to observe the people around me. They had many years in Scientology–some had achieved OT VIIII. So where was their unlimited power? And what about the higher church officials who were calling us? What was the power in calling us at quitting time with a demand for a certain amount of cash? Was this the rational mind LRH sold everybody on?

Then it was my turn to pledge a lot of money. The pressure was immense. Thank Heaven I didn’t have access to credit. But I was even pressured to ask family or acquaintances to loan me a credit card. Urging me to put my personal life in jeopardy were the “nice” people in the Sea Org.

I woke up one morning with an idea to Google “routing out of Scientology.” I discovered I was not alone. After a couple of days’ consideration, I left. I’m grateful for those initial wins but I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this church to anyone else.

Thanks for your support of my decision.

Rod Pearson