My Mom’s Escape

Posted by on April 13, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on My Mom’s Escape

Astra Woodcraft’s daughter Kate is off to university this year to major in Mathematics! You might remember Kate from the videos that Astra did with the Lisa Mc Pherson trust detailing her experiences growing up in Scientology as seen below. Kate was only 2 years old when these videos were shot and now she is 17. How time flies!

Kate applied for a $10,000 scholarship to help her with university costs. The scholarship includes a requirement for an essay about someone who inspires them. Kate wrote a pretty great essay about Astra’s escape from Scientology while she was pregnant with Kate. It’s a great read and at the end, if you like, you can vote for Kate’s essay. The more votes she gets, the better chance she has at winning the scholarship. Winner’s are chosen from the top 10 entrants with the most votes and Kate currently is in the top 10. If she wins, she gets helps towards her college costs and her essay is posted on the Wyzant website for people to read for years to come. Please take a moment to vote to keep her in the top 10. The voting period ends May 1st and the winners will be notified in June. We will update the site with the results.

Read Kate’s Essay here: