Post Thu May 12, 2016 3:37 pm

paralells and missing family

So I read this story on reddit about a guy finding his long-lost brother. It's pretty moving. It made me very, very sad -- although there is a happy ending for this guy. Because my brother knowingly cut me out of his life without even a word, it wasn't a trick by other people. My parents didn't keep me a secret. And he's not out there missing me and wishing he could find me; he doesn't want to. So no happy ending for the two of us, even though we were super duper close growing up. I mean we were best friends. (Yet he never even asked me what happened that made me leave or why. No one ever did....) Anyway, through this whole experience of disconnection I have found a lot of parallels between that and gay teens being disconnected from their bible-thumping Christian families. It helps me feel not alone, and more understood. Although I wasn't expecting to feel sad when I read this, kind of snuck up on me. At least these siblings found each other.

Here's the story if you want to read it.
Part 1: ... y_brother/
Part 2: ... t_from_me/
Part 3: ... s_missing/
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