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Money, Mysteries & Controversies: Inside Scientology

Money, Mysteries, and Controversies: At the Heart of Scientology
("Argent, mystères et polémiques: au coeur de la scientologie")

A documentary in French, with English subtitles, filmed in Paris, India, Clearwater, and London; first broadcast in France on Sunday, September 2, 2012 on the M6 network program "Enquête exclusive" ("Exclusive Investigation").

Contents (Part 1):

0:00:00 Opening title
0:00:24 Preview clips
0:02:05 Introduction by host Bernard de La Villardière
0:03:07 Inside the home of a Parisian Scientology family
0:06:15 February 2012: The Paris court of appeal upholds Scientology's October 2009 conviction for organized fraud
0:07:35 Second introduction
0:09:34 Finding the ruin: A Scientology recruiter in Paris
0:23:51 Inside the Academy at the Paris org
0:27:46 The cost of the Bridge to Total Freedom: Interview with Éric Roux, spokesman for Scientology in France
0:30:06 Scientology volunteer ministers led by Marc Arrighi bring "Learning How To Learn" into a school in India
0:37:33 The IAS, demands for donations, and the Debbie Cook email
0:39:36 Éric Roux's salary
0:40:33 The Purification Rundown

Contents (Part 2):

0:00:00 Goldenrod posted on a bulletin board
0:01:52 The RPF
0:02:43 Valeska Paris's confinement on the Freewinds (Australian Lateline TV report)
0:04:55 Scientology Sunday service in Paris (background music: "March from 'Funeral Music for Queen Mary'" by Purcell, aka the theme from "A Clockwork Orange")
0:07:17 Éric Roux travels to Warsaw to complain about France to the OSCE
(Scientology attorney William Walsh on camera at 0:54:25 - 0:54:46; Miviludes General Secretary Hervé Machi on camera at 0:55:28 - 0:55:52)
0:10:22 Interview in Clearwater with Mike Rinder about disconnection, David Miscavige, the Hole, and the state of Scientology (guest starring two brave protesters at 01:04:20 - 01:05:53)
0:21:07 Interview in London with Mark Pinchin and Lord Duncan McNair
0:24:16 Visit to the London org and interview with Mark Pinchin
0:28:11 Conclusion
0:28:56 Closing credits
0:29:06 End
the man who"wanted" to rule the world was a science fiction writer, who lived out his fantasies in real life.Some body some day will say this is illegal. It won't come soon enough.