Post Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:59 pm

Tommy Davis recording discussing disconnection


A recording of a "handling" by tommy davis. Very familiar sounding (not tommy or the exact words, but the feel of the recording reminds me of conversations when i was a child seeing the ethics officer). This is scientology in action, in my eyes. The "tech" doesnt work, so they have to result to threats when the person doesnt fold to what they want. I'm glad this dude didnt fold to them and stood his ground. The "church" like to convince people its in their own best interest to keep quiet (the reality is its in the churches best interest cause otherwise they might have to go to measures that may expose their insanity, but they will if they have to lol).

I don't personally care if the "church" is gone or not. I do, however, wish to see the truth about the church and what goes on and the abuses, lies, deceptions, and outright frauds perpetrated by the "church" exposed. Whats true to you is true to you, but its not THE truth. No matter how bad they want to believe they create clears and ots.

Here's a big one. Did any of you go to portland back in 1985? I did, I was 9 years old, I stayed with my family for a month( it was just after we got kicked out of the sea org and we're living at the fountain arms). I was there protesting cause a ladies family was suing the church saying they were responsible for her suicide. The reality? The lady wasnt dead, but was in fact suing the church cause they promised to make her eyesight better and some other stuff that dianetics promises that cant deliver. How many would still have been so up in arms if the real reason for the lawsuit was made aware?

Scientology deals in lies and if the lies dont work, they resort to threats. what a "religion". I know, personally, that a lot of things scientology taught me about the world were patently false and were meant to keep me misinformed and ignorant relying on the "church" for truth. Fortunately for me, I don't ignore nagging questions( like why does that "clear" wear glasses? why did that OT die of cancer or heart failure, or kidney failure, etc etc? wasnt lrh ot? wouldnt he have been able to maintain comm with the church even at target 2? blah blah lol).

It's been immensely helpful to read and find out the truth about a lot of things i was taught growing up. Especially if you were raised in it, its like what forms the basis of the way you perceive the wrold. And scientology doesnt promote a clear perception of reality, only what they want reality to be.

Raising a child to believe that the "church" is the only source of truth and any other source is false, is brainwashing, pure and simple. It attempts to suppress a willingness to accept any information/data from any source other than scientology/hubberd(now i guess miscaveeg). That leaves the church free to claim anything "negative" isnt true or comes from SPs or whatever, and as well, they can lie and claim any kind of expansion, growth whatever without the scientologist questioning it.

For those of us who left the "church" and decided not to let them dictate our reality, life is open and full of possibilities. Even healing:). Hella cool to hear about doublevee going to school eh( a real school im guessing, not one of those scientology schools or "colleges" lol). Life begins when you leave behind scientology :) and real genuine happiness and freedom is possible.

Guess thats all i have to say for now. I know, a bit all over the board lol. I have a lot of thoughts regarding scientology and its actions and practices. I'm not against scientology, I'm against their practices (deception, lies, frauds, false advertising, false statistics, outright lies in order to get you to comply wit what they want, etc),, though I think scientology without lies, deception, suppression, etc etc wouldnt be scientology anymore( case in point, the policy letters which advocate lying, which advocate disregarding a human beings rights because they are considered "an enemy of mankind/sp").

Peace and blessings for now.