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10th Annual International Freezone convention- Los Vegas

10th Annual International Freezone convention- Los Vegas

This has been to the best of my knowledge the largest FZ conference ever, some
70-90 people, including 30-40 Rons Orgs members from Russia and Europe. The host was the genial Rey Robles, who also gave two talks, one on how to find your soulmate, the other how to find your purpose in life.

Two awards were presented by Rey, one to Trey Lotz for his 40 year plus span of
continuous field auditing, and the other to Tatiana who has done so much for the Freezone, putting up websites for many auditors, interviewing many old timers on video and recording on video FZ conferences. She also at the last minute had the hat thrust upon her of simultaneously translating all talks into Russian which she kept up for two days!

The first person introduced was Mark Bunker, a long time "old guard" critic. I was very happy to see this joining of critics and the FZ who both abhor the abuses of CO$. Mark was intertested in finding more people to interview for his upcoming movie project
" Knowledge Report".

The theme of the conference was " Para-Scientology". This theme was kicked off
by Mary Freeman who relayed some of her unusual experiences, such as the cleared theta clear ability to move objects by thought alone. On postulating and discovering that despite having studied all there was to be studied at the time, she was invited to do the new class VIII course, was so overjoyed that she inadvertantly moved a pencil across the desk!

Now I've always happened to have an eye for the ladies, and this convention was remarkable for how beautiful and youthful some of these highly trained and audited tech gals are. I don't know Mary's exact age, but she started doing Scn in 1962 she said. 49 years ago, and was about to start college I believe. You do the math. She looks like a movie star at the peak of her career! Then there is my dear friend Candy Swanson [ aka Purple Haze] who I happen to know is the exact same age to the day as myself, and I'm well retired. Candy still looks like the young surfer/rock chick she is. Then there is Erica Hauri, looking younger and more beautiful than when I last saw her 6 years ago, and is now a grandmother. All these ladies are class VIII and at or near the top of several bridges. You'll be able to see them all on video soon.

Hank Levin gave a talk on his various meters and on the second day a talk of how
he and his wife used them to contact those departed.

During one of the breaks I saw a meter dial, some 12 inches in width, displayed on a laptop. Went to investigate and there was a sign saying " Free Stress Test" :) Had a demo of this meter which was quite sophisticated. There were 3 or 4 different dial displays, the usual bells and whistles of FZ meters, and then some I believe, and a place to display the C/S for the session. This was called the " Theta- Meter".

Max and Erica Hauri then spoke about Rons Org and the CBR bridge. One very interesting item, and new to me was that they refuted the idea, possibly OSA black PR, that Captain Bill got his tech telepathically. Max did in fact say the political materials, Sector 9 bulletins for example, were delivered telepathically, but not tech. This should be considered definitive in that Max and Erica worked with CBR and were with him till he passed on.

Trey Lotz gave a very elegant talk on how to find a partner, using the " Sanity Scale" from " Org Series 19".

As an example he compared the " Hiring step" to dating. Here one recruits a temporary secretary, or implied one may do this several times, and when one finds one
suitable she becomes a very valued Chief Executive Officer, with full board voting rights,
a chauffeur driven limo, access to the company jet and checking accounts, and apartments in New york, LA and the Hamptons. In other words a wife. She then gets into the training step as everyone knows thats what men need at this stage. :)

Incidentally I got the chance to briefly chat with Charise Mongiolla of "Scientology Muster" fame. Lovely girl, as cute as a full spec Lamborghini. Dunno if she's fixed up yet and if not I advise any young fellow to quickly get into the hiring phase before she's snapped up and off the market. :)

John Rafanello aka " The Magic Thetan" gave a couple of talks, one on his incredible OT experiences, many with cars, and how his early experiences in scientology took him from being a twenty five year old virgin who couldn't easily talk to girls to one that girls
started asking him for dates. Not sure if this counts as paranormal, but the girl he was with is many many years younger and looks like she walked off the the cover of "Vogue". His second talk was on how to make contact with ETs. This was billed as a workshop, but was more of a talk as there was no time for a full exposition, but we were given a few group processes to get some idea. I found this quite interesting. John is a great entertainer!

There was a second talk by Max Hauri on problems with CO$ harrassment and the very effective steps taken to combat that, and which will be expanded upon. In earlier days
at least one group was shuddered into silence and vanished. Now a server has been set up in the Netherlands where religious freedom trumps copyright. This built upon the many legal actions of CO$ v Karin Spaink and Zenon Parnousis. The last of which CO$ withdrew from as it was about to lose. The Dutch courts then initiated actions I can't recall full details of but the result was CO$ can no longer sue Karin and Zenon re copyright, or go to the European court and this appears to cover all similar situations. The CO$ has not been able to take this server down, and if I understand correctly one can mail this web entity and request copies of materials for study purposes.

Next we had some entertainment, Clive Baldwin gave us some songs popularized by
Al Jolson. Clive is blessed by a voice almost exactly like Al's.

Then Candy Swanson told us some of her history of using tone 40 8C. I often refer to her affectionately as a "dumb blonde". I can get away with that as we're friends. However apart from being class VIII she has a couple of university degrees. This is NOT the stuff of "dumb blondes". She just looks the part. :) She told of some of her experiences using tone 40, especially re getting passports returned in around 1968 when
foreign nationals were not allowed to study in the UK when St Hill was" Flag". She was on the Apollo with LRH and some time later when the AO had been moved to Edinburgh, she
was the only review auditor, and had to handle the very long back log of stalled cases etc, and just kept on auditing, kept on auditing until all were handled. She was then told by the Chief Executive that she could have anything she wanted, she need only ask. So she asked for her then husband Ira Chaleff to be taken out of the RPF or whatever at St Hill and to join her in Edinburgh. Candy relayed some of her good experiences with Captain Bill, who always created a high ARC environment. Candy was instrumental in the creation of the original Celebrity Centre, and was the only auditor initially and just audited everyone
who arrived. I was very happy to meet her again and invited her back to my wonderful
hostess" The Oracle" and her family's place for dinner, along with " Lakey" who I met for the first time after some years of sharing a forum.

Then we had the highlight of the convention, a panel of 5 class VIIIs who answered singly or severally any question the audience had. There was Mary Freeman, Trey Lotz,
John Rafanello, Max Hauri and Candy Swanson. No punches pulled, totally free
communication from all concerned. And then for me the most inspirational moment of the whole convention was the comments into the microphone of another class VIII, Erica Hauri, on the subject of love. All these have been videoed, and I look forward especially to posting around the video of Erica. :)

The website for our internet Org.
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