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Points on Helping Members Exit

What has been the most useful tips in breaking the trance of CoS and it's members or your loved ones.


Tips for Breaking the Trance of a Scientologist

I liked all of this article, particularly saying 'what is not true for you is not true for you'... to short circuit the particular lock on the mind (as referenced to possibly Jeff Jacobean

Same article, I liked rationalizing all powerful OT's vs. the critics. If OT's were real, and had such powers, there would be no critics...

More on this same article, I liked saying "OK, so you don't feel you are the target of deceptions by CoS or LBH, or in any sort of trance, stage play, or illusion, or running any kind of mental program, right? (emphasis on 'right')...

Of course, HE AGREES

Then say "So, how about this, let's make a little friendly wager, ok?"


"Here's the deal", (then I state with emphasis, command style, with 'intention', very directly)

"The next time you hear hte words, "Pick up the cans please, this is the session", you will remember everything we discussed in this conversation today."

Now they have just denied all the allegations, agreed to the wager, and since you have commanded him to recall this conversation at a very specific time, a time when Scions' are at heightened level of expectation, as t hose words, "Pick up the cans, this is the session"

He will have to tell his auditor all about this probably... and it gets repeated again... and hopefully he notices!

2. Something I didn't understand quite as well but loved the ... how do I explain this... I loved the concept, but couldn't quite grasp it...

Also from

How an Ex Scion Can Exit a Current Scion

'USE all that CoS conditionaing (auditing) and patterning (training) to your advantage.

Ask lower level Scions "Whose program are you running?" (Can add, 'now', from time to time.

or "What program are you running".

And for higher level, OT III and above,

Try "What about you, whose BT are you being created as"

((I totally don't understand this, but of course, CoS makes NO sense to me, outside of the basic minute things that have the smallest twinge of likeablity it's for the most part, Alice in Wonderland), Not to insult L. Carrol.

3. I also LOVE

How To Talk to a Scion


a. don't tal kto them about the weird stuff, most of them don't know it (OT II or lower levels) and the others are forbidden to discuss it

b. don't tell them it is not a religion (it invalidates their experience)

c. same for 'it doesn't work', dont' say that

d. any outside challenge to that carefully maintained trance will result in greater and greater resistance

e. talking helps, especially when the person listening is non-judgmental




How to Help a Cult Member

DO express sincere love for the cult member at every available opportunity.

DO not neglect yourself or your family (getting too wrapped up in it)

5. Ex Scion Kids Site (here)

Topic: Have you ever helped anyone get out

Good stuff here, says 'direct attack won't work'

6. Another Steps Out of Scientology

Particularly disturbing was the concept that sociopaths can / are created eventually, or that emotional maturity is seriously under developed / regressed.

7. Operation Clambake How To Leave Scientology

a. Someone said 'for a public person it is fairly easy'

(I am going to DISAGREE because it depends what level you are, how much they rely on you, etc I believe you can get seriously harassed with ethics folders and get run out of business and / or town worst case scenario)

b. It helps when someone leaves CoS that they have something to go to. (this follows along the lines of Robert Vaughn Youngs tale on about the abusive woman model and the east germany and west germany model

There is so much more....

Like Michael Tilse's recommendation at the Scientology Doubt

and like CoS members, every one's path is individualized, if you can ADD to this, or have thoughts, please share.