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Movies/TV Influence

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:38 pm
by mdiggy
hi esk-ers!

I've just finished a slew of Scientology books. I'm fascinated by everyone's story and of course feel a pang of sadness for those sea org members who are still inside and experiencing abuses - physical and mental.

One of the questions that I keep coming back to I'd like to ask to those of you that grew up in the church:

Jenna mentions from time to time the ability to rent a movie or read books, and that she sometimes snuck the opportunity to watch TV.
For me - I contribute watching TV, movies and reading books to have shaped much about how I view the world. I've even found comfort and inspiration from them that effect my life in very real ways.

So my question is - when you're watching TV and movies would the themes and morals of them not cause you to wonder or think about life outside of the church? Random example - John Hughes' movies struck a cultural chord and they continue to be relevant today with regards to his acknowledgement that being a teenager is a confusing, awkward time of life. If you were to watch for example "Sixteen Candles" through the lens of a Sea Org member - would Molly Ringwald's character seem selfish? And what's more, if Molly Ringwald were a public Scientologist - would her performance in this role be looked down upon because she was perpetuating behavior that disagrees with COS scripture?

So interested to hear your responses.Thank you for having me.