Post Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:52 pm

Video Project *BEGGING*

Okay, I give in. ESMB is not providing enough material to make this video happen. I need to ask you folks for help too.

tl;dr: I need personal quotes about disconnection, quotes about fearing leaving the church, pictures from inside Scientology (not necessarily inside the Org, just life as a Scientologist. Older pix/pix you have the rights to are preferred) pictures of recent escapees, or quotes about leaving the church and reuniting with people.

Anyone who contributes will be able to review the exact quote that goes into the video and any pictures they contribute, and will be able to review the finished product before it goes live to be sure that they are comfortable with the overall message. I will NOT be using any names in the production of this video, if you would like to be credited either by name or handle I will put it in the description wherever it is uploaded upon request.

The text of the video will be changed to promote ESK too if folks here are willing and able to contribute.

To review my other work, check out "blue" on vimeo.