TV CASTING: Looking for People/Families w/ Unique Traditions

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TV CASTING: Looking for People/Families w/ Unique Traditions

Hi There-

I work for a major television production company and we just so happen to be developing a new cable TV show that features people and/or families with unique and interesting traditions.

If you happen to have a tradition or at one point participated in a tradition that might be considered even slightly “unique", I’d love to hear about it! Even if you know of a friend or family member that has a unique tradition/ritual/custom that others might deem downright unusual. The stranger the better. Or maybe a totally different twist on an existing holiday? Either way, let me know. Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.

- Grant



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Re: TV CASTING: Looking for People/Families w/ Unique Tradit

hi there,

I am actually working on a script(s) for a series i'd like to see or make myself or help someone else make about my time in the church as a staff member, coordinating with Sea Org, CLO, SMI Int. etc.

The idea is simple, showcase the behavior of people under the influence of a mind-controlling cult that legally exists in the united states and various other places in the world. but mainly the US, I have close, first hand experience in dealing with PR and working with celebrities involved with Scientology, and i am too afraid to tell the REAL story as it involves way too many rich people with way more resources than I do, i simply could not defend myself.

By writing in a scripted way, I can deal with the issues that are there without having to name names. people will get the idea.

feel free to contact me.

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