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Intro and Photo with John Travolta at Mace Kingsley

Hey want to come on here and say Hi My name is Bjorn de la Cour I used to go by the nickname Jujus.
Thought I'd post this photo of me and bunch of other Hopefully Ex-Scientology Kids with John Travolta taken at Mace Kingsley[or Ability First?] in Thousand Oaks, California or there abouts.
Is that Jenna Miscavige Hill in the lower left? BTW, Am the blonde kid in John T.'s Shadow.

One person, I'd love to hear from is Nina (I believe) Brunette with palish skin probably dark eyes. She was the kindest girl and we would hang out during lunch breaks even defended me when some older kids started saying that my Legos were their Legos. Just want to say your kindness will never be forgotten. I know I saw here later on at a field trip with Both ASK and another school(Mace Kingsley? Ability First?). Anyway, I hope she is doing real well in life. I am wondering if anyone here remembers me or not?? or can tell me more about the Photo with John Travolta. I went to the following schools:
Mace Kingsley (In Los Angeles when it was renting from a monastery and when moved out to thousand oaks area.) [Edit: I think this school was actually called ability first am no longer sure!]
Then the school in North Hollywood, I know Carroll Rees worked there before she started her own school which I then went to. [Ability First?]
Wasn't there an fighter jet or maybe it was just a movie prop parked in a garage near that school??
Carroll-Rees Academy & Arts
Then I went to Vikki's school ASK or Academy for smart kids.
Learning Connection (Did Kendra go there, I feel I remember her.)
Nelson Academy
If you think you might know me raise your hand.