Post Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:25 pm

Hi! - Not an ex-member but...

Hi all,
I have read many of the stories on this site and they've affected me. Along with everything else I read about Scientology, they make me want to change things.

Recently, I started a petition to ask President Obama to look into Scientology's status as a tax-exempt organization. If the petition gets 100,000 signatures (a large number, I know) in 30 days, the President has to respond!

I hope this petition will bring about more discussion in the media about Scientology's status as a religion in this country.

If you'd like to sign the petition it is here:

It won't be live on the site until it gets 150 signatures so right now the only way to see it is with a link.

Thank you all for writing about your experiences!