KM’s Scientology Story

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I’m not sure how to begin, but my first memory of Scientology was in Hawaii driving up to the mission and thinking how much I loved going to church. Somehow that turned into the landing at LAX and moving into the cadet org on Melrose. Smelling shit in the halls and watching my family torn to bits by the experience. I remember my brother turning off the hot water and not taking baths for what seems like weeks. I remember a mother working at the cadet org, throwing me down the stairs for some reason that had to do with my mom being on the RPF. I remember staying with Scientology till my late teens and thinking it was the right way to live.

Well, until my best friend was declared. I knew he was a good person, but I was not allowed to talk to him. I decided that he had always shown me that he was a friend and somehow by the simple act of not disconnecting from him I lost every one I else I knew as friends.

I write this with trepidation that I may be sharing something that will identify me and get me declared and losing parts of my family. But the more I read, the more I realize that I need to get this out. I have lost family, friends and people that I thought were loved ones ‘cause of scientology.

I don’t hate scientology, but I hate that people I thought of as the closest of friends have drifted away. I hate the when I contact old friends on Facebook, I lose contact again cause they see me as bad or evil. I have the best memories of life growing up in scientology but I never drank the punch. The thing that hurts is that somehow I am seen as a bad person for no other reason than I don’t believe that Scientology is for me.

I could talk about the Sea Org and the Cadet Org in the mid 70’s or the abuse of power of Scientology security like “cow boy” but that is natter and I don’t think it helps anyone. I’m torn about even sending this email, but I keep reading stuff about people in scientology and I think that people need to understand that Scientology is a religion and is no better or worse than any other religion.

The one thing I wish I could have back were all the great friends I grew up with. Too bad they seem to see me as a bad person because I don’t practice their religion.

If anything I would/could ask from this group would be to help old friends to somehow reconnect and get along. I loved my life in scientology and just wish that somehow my old friends could love me as much, even though I don’t believe what they do.