Kelly’s Scientology Story (Letter to the Admins)

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Hiya Kendra:

I don’t mind telling a story. My family is still in (mom, step dad and sisters) but I left at my 16th birthday. Goodbye ASHO, hello world! 1992 I believe.

It’s been 15 years now.

We went to Apple school for pre-school, Delphi LA when it first opened, blah blah. My parents were in the Sea Org when I was an infant but they literally paid their way out when I was a toddler to pursue careers, yet continued to move up the bridge to total financial ruin.

Anyways, yes, the Wasserman name is declared. So I’m sure you know of it. Did you go to Delphi with me and my sister, Jaime Wasserman? There was a Kendra there.

My biological father publicly left scientology just before my 13th birthday and he sued the “church.” This was before scientology had non-profit status therefore wasn’t recognized as a religious institution. My sister and I were left behind with my now fanatical mother and step-father to embark upon what would be the most grueling 3 years a kid’s life. The abuse and terror could only be captured in a Hollywood movie.

I ran as fast as I could out of LA, getting to San Francisco quickly. I had a terribly difficult time acquiring education, as I had none prior to that point in my life. Being 18 and not knowing multiplication tables wasn’t easy.

As the years went by friends I’d make (I had no family at all or friends since they all dumped me at 16) would tell me I should see a therapist. I’d be told time and time again I was emotionally stunted, to say the least. I finally got a therapist and after four years I finally realized one thing: I would never have my family back. But at least I found my emotions.

You know, you talk so much as the years go by, telling your story to strangers, friends, partners, but you never feel understood. People look at you like, “no way!”

The recent protests, and your website that I just saw yesterday is an incredible validation to a journey of survivorship I’ve soldiered through completely alone thus far.

So thank you. I’m in LA if you need anything, (I often contemplate a class action lawsuit!) I’m here.

Thanks Kendra,
Kelly Wasserman