Interview of Ex-Scientologist of Tommy Gorman by Arnie Lerma

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Interview of Ex-Scientologist of Tommy Gorman by Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON
Interview of Ex-Scientologist of Tom Gorman
By Arnie Lerma
16 September 2005

Arnie: What was your job called at Scientology in San Francisco?

Gorman: I was an OSA Volunteer

Arnie: What sorts of things would you be called upon to do?

Gorman: To confront and deal with Sps, to handle Sps.

Arnie: When did you do this?

Gorman: 1990 through the beginning of 2000

Arnie: Were there any specific names you called upon to deal with?

Gorman: Kristi Wachter who runs in San Francisco
and Peaches Pook in Oakland California.

Arnie: Describe what you did to handle Kristi Wachter

Gorman: I went to her home, to pass out flyers and give them to all her
neighbors, so when she came home and came outside she would see her face
everywhere saying she was a bigot. When I would see a crowd of people nearby,
I would say things like: “you are psychotic”, “You came out of an
institution”, “you like to fuck little cats”, “See you later Psycho” to get her
angry, so she would look crazy to others. “I know you don’t like men”

Arnie: Describe what you did to handle Peaches

I would talk in a very smart ass voice, tell her she was ugly and old, tell me
your crimes peaches, I said: “You are psychotic” “you are crazy” “no one
cares about you” “the world would be better without you on it” “You are
a bitch” “You are a bigot” “I’m never going to leave until you stop
picketing my church” “I’m going to let all your neighbors know what a
psychopath you are”

Arnie: Who told you to do and say these things and
what did they direct you to say and do?
v In my presence, Scientology’s Director of Special Affairs (DSA) of the Office
of Special Affairs (OSA) for San Francisco, Church of Scientology
who is Jeff Quiros, stated the following:

“Under oath doesn’t mean shit.”

Arnie: Did he say this often?

Mr. Gorman: He said this at least ten times.

Arnie: what else did he say?

Mr. Gorman: Jeff Quiros said that “The court system is just a bunch of WOGs
and they are suppressive and that the US government is suppressive”

“The police dept., the FBI and the court system are all suppressive, they are
all a bunch of morons and they are down stats and can’t get real jobs.
The court system is designed to take any bad down stat (bad person)
so they can torpedo an up stat (good person) and bring them down.
The Police are a bunch of crooks and especially the FBI. The FBI is
the number one terrorist group in the United States”

And then he showed me a written green on white policy by Hubbard
that stated this.

Arnie: Did he direct the picketing?

He directed our conduct, yet stressed this: “You cannot tell them I had any
involvement, I did not tell you to do any of this, and you don’t even know me”
He would remind me of this EVERY time we would picket Kristi or
Peaches. Jeff Quiros said, “I could get sued for this. The church would get
in a lot of trouble and it would be all your fault”

Arnie: What did he tell you to do or say??

Mr. Gorman: To whisper very mean things into the ear of the person I was
picketing whenever there were a group of people coming so that she would react
badly in front of the people and look like a psycho-path. He told me
to say specifically, “Kristi, you like to fuck little cats” “you
practice bestiality” and then we both started laughing.. and to call her
“psycho”, because we knew this would get her upset.

Jeff Quiros also told me; “You can do anything to an SP and not get into
trouble for it” “A suppressive group is made up of a bunch of SP’s.” He said
“Get little kids around the neighborhood to pop the lady’s tires,
ruin her plants and break some windows in her house, give them candy for doing
these deeds.”

He said: “When the police finally arrive from the picketing, make them believe
that we are completely normal people and the people we are
picketing are psychotic and paranoid. Be friendly with the police and become
their friends, and make them like you.

Arnie: What effect did your efforts have upon the police?

Mr. Gorman: Based on Jeff Quiros instruction to me, I was not just friendly
with the police, but I became their friends. I would tell the police that
Kristi was a psycho, tell them that she pickets our church…

After a while, the police stopped responding to Kristi and Peach’s telephone
calls, when Scientology would harass her at home. But Peaches
would call the police every time, after a while the police stopped coming.

Jeff Quiros said: “After 6 times the police come to that location in one week,
the police will stop coming because they will believe the person
calling them is psychotic and paranoid. He told me if it ever comes to a time
when we all have to go to court, not to worry about it because the
Scientology lawyers are great and they will tell us how to act and behave and
to just do exactly what they say. Lying under Oath is a normal thing
for Scientologists because it’s the greatest good for the greatest
number of dynamics, and we are doing nothing wrong by changing the
story since they are suppressive (bad) people and Scientologists are
here to save the planet from those people. Then he said “SP’s and
suppressive groups hate all organizations that fix peoples lives and help
people, and they want to ruin those people and organizations utterly.
Scientology is the only organization that does this on the planet”

Mr. Gorman: We became their ‘friends’; they started to believe that she was
Arnie: Did the police continue to respond?

Mr. Gorman: After they came to Peaches Pook’s home about ten times the
police stopped coming…

Arnie: So, would it be fair to say, that this is the one part of scientology
that really works?

Mr. Gorman: Yes, it is the only part. He was making fun of Judges in general
saying they look like Penguins and how they think they are all
mighty and great. He said Judges do their jobs as well as nuns do, and he began
to laugh, the joke was, he said that there is no God and so those
people serving God don’t do anything anyway.

It was common knowledge that SP’s (Suppressive persons, enemies of scientology)
are subject to being tricked, lied to, sued, or destroyed –
they have no regard for people outside of Scientology and they believe
they can do anything they want to SP’s and not get punished for it
because they believe that Scientologists are above the law.

Arnie: Did you do these techniques to anyone else besides Kristi and Peaches?

Mr. Gorman: Yes, a psychiatrist at a hospital in San Francisco, near Funston

Arnie: What was his name?

Mr. Gorman: I never knew his name.

Arnie: How did you know whom to picket?

A; I was shown a picture. Often of two or three different targets, if we would
see one of them we would picket them and pass out flyers about how
horrible psychiatry is
Arnie: Whom else did Jeff Quiros mention?

Mr. Gorman: Arnie Lerma – the Internet freak that posted the OT levels on the
net. He told me that Arnie and a couple others’s dressed up in Sea org
member suits and showed a fake order tricking them into giving you the documents.

Arnie: How often would he talk about me?

Mr. Gorman: perhaps ten times, often, I knew your name very well, what else
would say about me? He said, “You are psychotic, that you are a criminal, an
SP, and sent down to destroy scientology by the psychiatrists.

Arnie: Are there any other enemies of scientology he would mention by name?
A: Bob Minton

Arnie: What did he say about Bob?

Mr. Gorman: That he was money motivated made up a fabricated story about a girl
dying which is completely untrue and is trying to get money out of scientology.

Arnie: continue

Mr. Gorman: Gerry Armstrong – Gerry is a pathological liar, one of the biggest
SPs around who is trying to destroy scientology. Then he would
blabber on about mankind trying to get me all pumped up

Arnie: Any other names mentioned that you recall?

Mr. Gorman: Ford Greene, Jeff said Ford Greene is one of the only attorneys
willing to take on Scientology but he will be taken care of soon.

Arnie: Thank you – The end.

9:49 PM Friday September 16th 2005, at the
Office of
Exposing the CON
6045 N 26th Road Arlington VA 22207

I hereby swear under penalty of perjury of the laws of The Commonwealth of
Virginia, that the forgoing statement is true.

Signed: _____________________ Tom Gorman

Witness:______________________Arnaldo Lerma

_________________ Exposing the CON


errata: I believe references to peaches pook should read 'realpeach'

His girlfriend was raped by one of the "executives" at Scientology
near San Francisco - Mountainview California

The civil case was settled, the only "gag' is the amount of cash
that Scientology paid the girl to drop the criminal charges.

That's what 'woke' him up.

Tom was a 2nd generation Scientologist. He has deprogrammed
his entire family. They are now proud members of the human race.

His story is Here

A picture of tom gorman on kirsti Wachters website

He is the blond guy handing out flyers on the left ... 9-1600.jpg

San Francisco Police Report 030769038

Incident narrative report page 3 of 3

R-1 Gorman and R-4 Gorman Jr came to co. 1 and told me that last night
they were celebrating gotrman jr's and his sister's birthday. Gorman
said that at about 10:30 last night, he received a call on his cell
phone. Gorman answered the call. The caller was a man with a deep voice,
the caller asked "Tom"?

Gorman said "yes"

The man then said, "S.P.s (supressive person) don't live long!

Gorman said "What?"! Who is the SP?!

The man said: "Your son and his wife Jennifer will be dead soon"

Excerpt from San Francisco Police Report #031403528:

"On 11/26/03 at 730 hours he was traveling in his car. CA Plate 2XPJ851,
a 1991 Lexus ES250, driven by his wife J. Gorman, down Park Presidio near
MacArthur Tunnel when the car suddeenlt became difficult toc ontrol.
They pulled over and called for assistance. The Gorman's had their car
towed to the J&R Automotive shop for a repair. Today, the first full
working day after the Thanksgiving holiday, their mechanic, (R/w) Vaknin,
notified them that their car was missing all six bolts connecting the left
axel to the transmission. Vanknin said this was highly unusual

....Vankin said the six bolts that were missing were probobly
removed purposely.



Scientology is protecting the perpetrator of the rape of

Gorman's new wife, which he did when she was 16..

He was considered an UPSTAT by Scientology.

coming soon to a newstand near you
_________________ Exposing the CON
Judge Brinkema 29 Nov 1995

"the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC [$cientology]
in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in
general and to harass its critics."

Now, does anyone want to HELP?

and start transcribing the police reports...

Post them here, and I'll web them, perhaps with a credit to you if you desire.
_________________ Exposing the CON
Judge Brinkema 29 Nov 1995

"the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC [$cientology]
in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in
general and to harass its critics."

This is my own opinion. I'd rather die speaking the truth about the harms of the cult of scientology than hide and be afraid.


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Dear Tommy,

Do you recall when I suggested we do an interview?

I never had any idea it would become such a net classic..

It is difficult to foresee the consequences of our actions

re where hubbard got scientology, here is a my messy page on that

re Study Tech
look at the pages form virginia waddy

re E-meter see this thread on enturbulation forums LINK

re Hypnosis and TR-0 see this thread on ESMB chatboard LINK

questions? email me directly
Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON
for our friends and family
to get them out of scientology
before they end up here:

Hey kids, LAUGH at Scientology today! ... eCloset.rm

Sharone Stainforth


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I would just like to say when i read this interview i was very upset.

I knew Peaches, she was a lovely lady and the thought of her going through this kind of shit was really horrible.

Having said that, I saw you on youtube Tommy and i think you are one brave dude to speak out about what you did, i think you are very brave and courageous for getting your family out of Scientology and i think you are extremely brave and courageous for all you have done for your wife Jennifer.

If i can find just a teeney bit of your bravery, i will know i am winning.


PS. I do want to help Arnie.
the man who"wanted" to rule the world was a science fiction writer, who lived out his fantasies in real life.Some body some day will say this is illegal. It won't come soon enough.

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