Cruise Oprah Spielberg/Capshaw thread

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Cruise Oprah Spielberg/Capshaw thread

I just discovered this thread over at, which is a gay gossip forum.

Somebody going by "SG" is posting inside information about the feud between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. And that Steven Spielberg is plotting revenge against Tom Cruise.

Apparently, the shit is about to hit the fan big time!

So, here is a link to the thread. Enjoy! ... age-1.html


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And here is something posted at ... tml?page=7

Mr. and Mrs. Moviemaker are Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, Ms. "I'm talking for a living" is Oprah, Mr. and Mrs. Moviestar#2 are Tom and Rita Hanks, and Mr. Moviestar is Tom Cruise.

The Hollywood wars
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer
~ Part 1- Friends and foes ~

Part 1- Friends and foes

* With Mr and Mrs. Moviestar #2 we are referring to Mr and Mrs. Moviemaker's good personal friends, we've met earlier in the 'story of Mr. moviemaker and Mr. moviestar and where it all went wrong'

We begin this chapter at a social event/part….yes, there are quite a few of those in this town. Present are; Mr. and Mrs. Moviemaker, Mr. and Mrs. Moviemaker #2, a bunch of other Mr. and Mrs.'s moviestars, Ms. Moviestars, and people who are stars but not neccassarily movie stars…. And of course , several of our spying eyes and eavesdropping ears. Everyone present? Okay, here is the story

Mr. moviemaker and Mr. moviestar#2 have left to table to fetch the drinks, while Mrs. Moviemaker and Mrs. Moviestar#2 remain seated. They chat for a while, when suddenly Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' arrives at their table. She greets Mrs. Moviestar#2 friendly and nods at Mrs. Moviemaker rather coolly.

Mrs. Moviemaker says they haven't spoken for a long time and Ms. 'I'm talking for a living', agrees. She then wants to know if Mr. moviemaker is there as well. Mrs. Moviemaker replies he's getting their drinks with Mr. moviestar#2, but should be back any minute.

Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' says Mrs. Moviemaker's got a good deal going, not only does Mr. Moviemaker fetch her drinks for her, he also fights her battles for her.
When Mrs. Moviemaker wants to know what she means with that Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' says, she knows damn well what she means with that. The whole town knows Mr. moviemaker went to war solely for her.

Mrs. Moviestar#2 intervenes and says Ms. 'I'm talking for a living has no idea what's going on and she would be wise to stay out of it. But Ms. 'I'm talking for a living replies, she, like everyone else in town, knows exactly what's going on. Then she turns her attention back to Mrs. Moviemaker and says Mr. Moviemaker and Mr..moviestar used to be such great friends, and now that's all ruined. And why? Just because Mr. Moviestar said a few things Mrs. Moviemaker did not like. Did Mrs. Moviemaker really think it necessary to pressure Mr. moviemaker to declare war on Mr. moviestar just because of that?

Mrs. Moviestar#2 replies that for a woman claiming to know exactly what is going on, Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' is frightfully ill informed and ends with; "Lady, you don't know half of it, so shut it!'

Mrs. Moviemaker adds there's a lot more going on to be upset about than comments made by Mr. Moviestar, but that she is not gonna get into that now. Ms. 'I'm talking for a living answers she's well aware of the stories going round, but that she finds them rather hard to believe.

Now Mrs. Moviestar#2 wants to know since when Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' is so close with. Mr. Moviestar#1? But Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' says she's not taking sides. She is just ticked the whole town is in an uproar over something that can be easily fixed.

Mrs. Moviemaker says she would love to hear that solution. Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' says it very simple. All Mrs. Moviemaker has to do is tell Mr. moviemaker to call things of, and stop playing his little war games. After that, things can go back to normal.

Mrs. Moviestar#2 scoffs at her suggestion. Then has a suggestion of her own. Maybe they should all appear on her show and fight it out there? That way the whole world would know what's going on , and Ms' I'm talking for a living's ratings would shoot through the roof. Wouldn't that make everyone happy? .

Ms I'm talking for a living' looks at her furiously, but does not respond. Instead she turns to Mrs. Moviemaker and says; you have and are the key. You where the main reason this whole mess started, and you are in the position to put a stop to it. For everyone's sake. Do it.

Shortly after Ms 'I'm talking for a living' has left, Mr. Moviemaker and Mr. moviestar#2 return to the table. Less than a minute after sitting down Mr. Moviemaker asks Mrs. Moviemaker if there's something wrong. When she replies it's nothing he turns to Mrs. Moviestar#2 and asks what happened.

Mrs. Moviestar#2 informs him and Mr. moviestar#2 about their little chat with Ms. 'I'm talking for a living. The minute she stops talking Mr. moviemaker gets up. When Mrs. Moviemaker wants to know where he is going he says he is going to find 'Ms 'I'm talking for a living' and have a word with her.

But Mrs. Moviemaker asks him to please not do that because it will only make matters worse. When Mr. moviemaker reluctantly sits back down she adds, that maybe Ms. 'I'm talking for a living's right and that it is mainly her fault
Mr. Moviemaker#2 tells her she should not let people like Ms 'I'm talking for a living' get to her, because it's obvious she doesn't have a clue what's really going on.

Meanwhile, Mrs. moviemaker's remark seemed to worry Mr. Moviemaker who asked her why in heaven's name she would say something like that. . Mrs. Moviemaker (jokingly?) replied that if she had been the good and obedient wife Mr. moviestar and his friends of the church of strong believers so strongly seem to advocate, he never would have had a reason to start all this mess.

Mrs. Moviestar#2 replies that she has no doubt that he and his friends would have found something else to make a fuss over and tells Mrs. Moviemaker as well to not let people like Ms. 'I'm talking for a living' get to her.

Mr. Moviemaker ponders her remarks and after a silence , in a clear attempt to lighten to atmosphere, says: "You, as my Obedient wife?!….Wow, that sounds…tempting…..and very boring. I think we would have lasted….six months".

While his joke does lighten the atmosphere, his worries remain. When Mrs. Moviemaker, later that evening, excuses herself for a minute, Mrs. Moviestar#2 notices Mr. moviemaker looks worried. Mr. Moviemaker assures them he's fine, but that he just isn't sure how much more of this Mrs. Moviemaker can take.

He then informs them about an intriguing phone call he received earlier that day and that if he understood correctly that person offered his help. It was the last person he expected to come with an offer like that but that he now is more than tempted to meet with him and hear what he has to say….


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I wonder who it was who offered to help Mr. Spielberg. TC started this feud by relentlessly trying to recruit SS to the Co$, and by repeatedly trying to impose his close-control methods for Katie on the Spielberg family. When TC accused Kate Capshaw of ruining his friendship with her husband, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio were there to witness the resulting blow-up when Steven Spielberg defended his wife. What will happen next?..........EDIT: Celebrity gossip sites, which may or may not be accurate in regards to the details of the story, were the source of the synopsis given above.
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There's a LOOONG thread over at Clambake. ... &start=120


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This makes for great fiction but if there's no proof that Spielberg really has it in for TC, then it's no use.

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