My Story Part 1-The Early Days

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Thanks for telling us about your life, Jenna. I can relate as my story has many similarities but is from the pre-DM era. It is fascinating hearing what all of this looked like from your young eyes. I figured out early on that the SO was a dangerous place for well intentioned beings to be. There were too many ill-trained people with too much power running around.
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Thanks Guys :) Yes there is more coming soon. This story is only until I was 6 years old, I left the Sea Org when I was 22. Sadly Part 2, 3 and 4, make Part 1 sound like I was living in a Paradise.

To answer a few questions:

Also, I have a question. What was the age difference between you and your brother? I ask because it seems like it was placing a huge responsibility on him to watch you for so many hours every day after school.

Who took care of you on weekends while your parents were working?

I have to ask, and hope you will answer as part of your future narrative of later years, when exactly you realized that the way you were raised was so different from most kids. Given that it sounds like you basically never encountered outside children, it might be nice to disclose exactly when you eventually did, and what effect (if any) it had on you.

I will definitely mention this later.

WOO! Go Jenna! Can't wait to read the rest. When you're all talked out, we'll publish in the "my story" section.

Sounds good!

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