Advice wanted: Hungarian family torn apart

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Advice wanted: Hungarian family torn apart

I'm copying this from the original post at:

A grandmother of two children has been asking for the help of Hungarian Anons recently. Her divorced daughter has married a prominent Scientologist 2 years ago and the situation gets worse day-by-day since then.

The 10yrs old grandchildren has decided to leave her own mother (!) and the new stepfather and all alone she moved to her grandparents w/o asking his mom. What a grown-up's decision for a 10yrs old children...

The new "dad" lives in the city of Pécs (pr: peach) and he is a very dedicated member of the local ORG. He is working as a "dating consultant" as he describes himself.

Since they have married the kids were under heavy physical and mental terror by the Scilon dad. The daily abuse they have suffered had the older girl leave his parents. His brother is still living with the abuser and thanks to the constant brainwashing he is now treating her sister as a traitor!

Of course their granny has been declared as an SP and Disconnection has been applied to her. Phone calls of the 8yrs old boy is under surveillance and he is being told what to say.

The marks of the ideological brainwash can be seen on the little girl as well. Once the grandparents took her to a psychiatrist she told that she is afraid of "being drugged against her will"!!


Any advice appreciated, can be posted at the WhyWeProtest thread above or I'll try to bring forward responses here.

Here's my attempt at a response:

We have many similar stories about disconnection here in our personal experience forum.
Please do what you can to help them, and relay our best wishes and that we want to keep them in mind.

As we often say: THIS IS WHY we fight against Disconnection.

If she hasn't already, she should be in touch with any government family services if only to let them know about the situation, as well as the school. If there are cult experts in Hungary, it might be good to at least privately get in touch. It's also good to have many friends and family around which can help protect you.

I would also advice Hungary-anons to go to the Ex-Scientology kids message boards to get advice from actual ex-scientologists about situations just like this one: Ex Scientology Kids :: View Forum - Advice & Answers for Non-Scientologists

I posted a thread for you here:

There may be steps taken which could "normalize" the relationship to a degree, such as never talking to each other about Scientology, and getting the situation down to one of "Good roads, fair weather". Perhaps even appealing to higher "authorities" in Scientology - but this might be dangerous. The grandparents should not do anything which could lead to a kidnapping situation.

Please keep in touch and tell us how it's going.


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Thank you for mirroring this story to ESK! The grandparents are desperate and need advice on how to move along.

Please don't hesitate to help us if you can!

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In my personal case, my mother was declared supressive, I left Scientology and get declared PTS Type H, my sister joined the Sea Org, and my father started OT7. My sister had effectivly disconnected from my mothers extended family.

I attended several anon protests, and personally went to St Hill alone, to talk to my sister about why I was protesting and to attempt to restore communication between my sister and my mums extended family. She explained that she was still upset at my mother and did not want any direct communication. I also mailed my sister a copy of Gene Zimmers report.

In all cases I tried to keep my communication about scientology in terms of "time, place, form and event", without idle natter or any antagonism, and expressing disagreements in terms of "this is my/their viewpoint" as opposed to "you are wrong". Trying to maintain the opposite of the "traits of an supressive person".

Several months later, my sister was given a fitness board and kicked out the Sea Org. My father was also kicked off OT7. The reason given in both cases was my protesting. My father and sister are still deeply within the Scientology mindset, but since leaving the SO, my sister has begun to reach for greater contact with my mother family, and my father as expressed an intrest in reestablishing contact with myself. Though this is very slow and gradual process.

On my own part, it should be noted that it took around 2 years from the point I started seriously questioning Scientology until the point that I was willing to openly talk about it. The process for my mother after her declare, took a similar amount of time. It can often take a long time to consiously change our mental conditioning and programming.

I was also told the story of a father who was declared SP and disconnected from his daughter. His response was to try send flowers to his daughter daily over a period of months. Eventually daughter left the Sea Org.

Both these stories are slightly different in that they involve people in the Sea Org and that they involve adults rather than children living at home.

The only advise these stories suggest is to make repeated and consistant attempts to communicate, in a non-hostile manner. Thinking about it, this sounds alot like TR3, where you keep repeating the question until you finally get an answer, regardless of how long it takes.
Freedom is a choice. Choose to be yourself, choose to speak your truth and do so with compassion. And above all else, choose to be not afraid. If I can't dance, its not my revolution.

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